About Us

KGL Printing is a part of KGL Racing and offers 3D-print and CNC-milling services for very good prices.


Our 3D prints are printed with a Ultimaker 2 machine which prints in very high quality. We already offer a selection of colors which you can check on the "materials" page. If you need a specific color for your application you can always contact us.


You can also contact us to help you with your design to garantee that the design is 3D printable in the end.


You can contact us via the contact-page or via [email protected]


KGL Racing motor- & scootparts

Print your design

You can also contact us for printing your own design. It is also possible to contact us for designing your idea when you are not able to draw it yourself in 3D software.

For al your questions you can contact us via the contactpage 

If you do already have a design, please send it (in .STL format) to [email protected]. We will evaluate your design and send you a price to print it in a color of your choice.

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