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On this page, all materials that we print with can be found. On the different articles on this website, these different colors and materials can be chosen. Not each color/material will be listed on each article, this because we choose the most suitable material for a given object. Therefore, you as a client only has to worry about which color to choose. If you see a material/color on this page that you would like to see on a certain article, you can always contact us. Also if you like a color that is not yet listed on our website, you can contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Standard material

The most used material for 3D printing is PLA. It is an environmentally-friendly material that is very hard and has a glossy appearance. It is a very suitable material for object with sharp corners and high detail. This material is in stock in different colors:






Lime green

Sky blue


Colorfabb XT copolymer (new)

Colorfabb XT is a new material with improved material properties. It has a higher resistance to impacts, a higher melting point and is stronger then normal PLA. Therefore it is suitable for mechanical parts, or parts that require a beter resistance to impact. This material is also available in different colors:









Light green

Dark green

Light blue








This material has no added dye and therefore it is ideal for applications that require transparancy. Like for example a case for a LED light. However this material loses some of its transparancy when being printed. When an object had a thin outher layer it will be most transparant. Thick walled items will have some sort of cristall-look

Colorfabb Specials

Woodfill (wood)

This material contains 70% PLA and 30% woodfiber. Therefore object will feel and smell like wood. It is also easy to sand and paint.

Glowfill (glow in the dark)

This material charges in the (sun)light and will emit light in the dark. This can give a nice effect in certain applications. This one for example!

Bronzefill (Brons)

This material contains real bronze-dust. Therfore it is 3 times heavier than normal PLA. It can be polished down untill a glossy finish is achieved.


KGL Racing motor- & scootparts

Print your design

You can also contact us for printing your own design. It is also possible to contact us for designing your idea when you are not able to draw it yourself in 3D software.

For al your questions you can contact us via the contactpage 

If you do already have a design, please send it (in .STL format) to [email protected]. We will evaluate your design and send you a price to print it in a color of your choice.

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